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Reliable Webhosting Providers Reviews   

Our web hosting companies reviews are independent and give you tools to find best web hosting companies offers with professional plans at budget prices giving you great value for business or personal web hosting.

Cheapest webhosting   

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Just Host  is our Web hosting Webmasters Choice  this special offer of reliable webhosting includes very good customer service, uptime guarantee of  99% and much more - must review these features in the package before you buy any web hosting. Includes a user friendly control panel, choices of business and individual plans, website building software, now from Special Price from only  $2.95pm, with 1 FREE Domain name, unlimited disc space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and hosting of unlimited domain names from one web hosts account.  Visit the best webhosting providers plans . 

Reliable Web Hosting Providers Reviews 

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Reliable Webhosting Companies Reviews  
30-Day Money Back webhosting 
1 Free Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Shopping Cart, Unlimited Email Accounts, $25 Yahoo & $25 Google Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, cheapest web hosting providers reviews, Telephone/Email Support, reliable webhosting  
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1 Free Domain Name including Privacy Protection, Web Site Builder, Free Backup Services, MYSQL, Unlimited Email Accounts & Databases, ECommerce Cart, $100 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, best webhosting providers reviews, Tel/Email Support 


Host 6 Domains on 1 Account
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1 Free Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Blog, Forum, SSH Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Free ECommerce/Cart, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, reliable webhosting companies reviews, Telephone/Email Support   
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1 Free Domain, Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts, SSH Access (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL, Front Page Extensions, WebSite Builder, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, Telephone/ Email Best Support 24/7, professional web hosting providers reviews 
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1 Free Domain, 1,500 GB of space, 2,500 e-mail addresses, 15,000 GB of bandwidth, $75 Search Engine Ad credits, 24/7, reliable webhosting companies compare, Telephone/Email Support 
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1 Free Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Free Shopping Carts, SSL Secure Server, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, reliable webhosters deals reviews, Telephone/Email Support  
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1 Free Domain Name, Soholaunch site building software, Free credits $25, Free Shopping Cart, Blogs, Boards, Includes PHP CGI FTP & MySQL, 24/7 reliable webhosting providers reviews, Telephone/Email support 
30-Day Money Back webhoster 
1 Free Domain Name, 10GB Disk Space, Forum, Blogging, Photos, WebSite Builder, Free Set up, Daily Backups, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, cheapest webhosting companies reviews, Telephone/Email Support  
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1 Free Domain Name, Instant Setup, CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl, MySQL, SSH, SSL, IMAP, POP, WebSite Builder, cPanel Hosting, 24/7, reliable webhosting providers reviews, Tel/Email Support  
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1 Free Domain Name, Web Site Builder, 1000 Email Addreses & Unlimited Storage, SpamGuard Plus, Norton AntiVirus, $100 Yahoo & $50 Google Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, cheapest webhosts reviews, Tel/Email Support 
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How To use Twitter to advertise your internet business

Twitter is a social networking platform and evolved in so many different ways to be used, and everyone has their own ideas of how to benefit from Twitter.   There are however,  some common things everyone agrees on,  with the biggest one that there need to be a valid reasons  for following someone on Twitter.   Here are some tips which may help you to gain more followers:
  1. As a general rule,  if you follow people,  they will follow you back.   That’s how you start to get your first followers.  Later you will find that others will search by keywords and find your account  and follow you first.   Check always what they tweet about before you follow them back.   You can also block someone from following you if you do not see it appropriate.
  2. You can set up a private account and restrict your followers by private invitation,  or have your account open to anyone to view your tweets and follow you.   This option might be useful if you want to set up an account for your group of friends or co-workers only or for  a group of reliable webhosting providers services.
  3. Do not hard-sell your products, services or affiliate links all the time.   If you have a product to promote,  the ratio generally used should be 5 to 1,   send  5 general information tweets followed by 1 product advertising tweet.  Find a balance and see how your followers respond.
  4. Share valuable information – sent funny and interesting tweets,  quote news, famous quotes, jokes and funny stories.  Give people links to interesting websites, funny pictures,  reliable webhosting providers reviews, free stuff to download – most people like such stuff and will be entertained.
  5. Communicate and engage into discussions – reply to interesting tweets and people,  get into discussions,  express your opinions.   Your followers may re-tweet your  opinions and spread the word,  which will make you better known and increase your followers.
Click here to read more cheapest web hosting providers reviews tips and articles reliable webhosting companies compare 

10 Tips how to start internet business with reliable web hosting

1. Start small – you have much better chance to succeed if you start small because the costs are minimal and easier to finance.  So pick one niche or product at first, test it and review it and develop to a successful profit making website.  In case you do not succeed or change your mind,  the losses are small and you don’t get financially broke.  When your business will start to develop then you worry about its proper legal formation and registration, which  you do not need it at first to open a website and start selling. develop then you worry about its proper legal formation and registration, which  you do not need it at first to open a website and start selling.

2. Start part-time while you still have your full-time job to support you until you start making money.  The statistics show that only 5% of people starting internet business will succeed.  This is often due to the determination and goal setting rather than other constrains as you working by yourself and it is difficult to keep motivated.

3. Start business by yourself – good partners are good but bad partners can destroy you and your business. It is definitely easier to share the costs and responsibilities with a partner but the disagreements can also be devastating. It comes to the option that everything has to be written down and documented just in case of legal suite, you also spend a lot of time discussing and planning together instead of actually working on the business.  Cheap webhosting companies deals the costs of splitting up can be detrimental as well and not many businesses can survive it.

4. Learn as you go – learn and educate yourself as you need to solve your problems and constrains, as no one knows everything when they start. If you need to buy books or training courses, this is money well spent to progress and learn quickly instead of struggling to solve all your problems by yourself.  

5. Outsource – a lot of simple jobs can be outsourced for a small fee,  there are a lot of websites where you can get copywriters, video makers, website designers, or just computer people who can do any job for you including social sites promotions like facebook or twitter promotions.

To read for cheapest webhosting offers and more  professional webhosts reviews tips and articles

On page SEO - Optimize your title with keywords 

To take advantage of  better search engines rankings you need to optimize your title. This applies to your website or blog title, as well as article titles.  Title optimization is one of the key on page SEO items not to be missed.

  1. Use the keyword or keyword phrase in the title to have it recognised by the search engines as the topic of the article as well as the searchable keywords to rank for.
  2. If it is an article title,  you can add your company name or website link following your keywords, for example:   “New click and paste website building software from” (you can make the website   ""  as a hotlink).
  3. Use h1 or h2 heading formatting which search engines recognise as title. If you just use large bold text instead,  this will not be recognised as a title. H1 is used for the top title and h2 can be used for sub-titles somewhere else on the page if you want to divide sections of the page and give them sub-titles. Do not use h1 as subtitles somewhere else on the page as this will only confuse the search engines rather than make it more important.
  4. Make sure the title matches the content of the page or article. Search engines also recognise the relevance of your site and give it higher ranking reliable webhosting.

There are a lot of pages without titles on the internet which search engines are unable to index as they do not know what to do with them. Make your page important to the search engines and let it be counted and included in searchable database. Remember that the search engines are computers which use software to index data.  What they do, they look for h1 or h2 formatted text and assign a higher value to those words contained within those parameters, using them as searchable keywords, which give you an advantage over other text. That’s why it is so important that you tell search engines where to look for the keywords in the title and let them use it accordingly.    Click here for professional webhosting to read more  Webhosting providers reviews tips and articles

Internet Marketing is a business like any other business

Is your internet business successful or are you trying for a long time without generating enough income from your websites?   Or maybe you suffer from information overload and lack of focus to set your priorities?   Not enough time in a day, no plan, no blueprint to follow?   Do you struggle from all of the above and unable to succeed?
When you are not completely satisfied with your online efforts and are not getting suffitient results,  ask yourself if you are working at your maximum potential.  Your actual success,  measured in the freedom and money which your business  should bring to  you,  is   NOT  determined by your potential or your strengths.   It is determined by your CONSTRAINTS:  the barriers which block your way to the success.   reliable webhosting constraints have negative effect on your firepower in business.
You need to unlock what holds you back and see yourself as a successful internet marketer webhosting providers.
Unless you identify and address your personal and specific business constraints,  any effort to improve your business and generate more income from it will most likely result in failure.
The webhosting providers reviews success of your business is often undermined by the weakest parts, and the overall success will depend on how strong are the weakest parts within it.   To strengthen your business and increase your profit, you need to identify and strengthen the “weakest parts”  in your business.   These are the CONSTRAINTS which hold you back and stop your from making big profits cheapest webhosting providers reviews.
If you focus on improving any other parts of your business instead of constraints,  you get opposite results as you become even more frustrated and disappointed as this will not improve overall results.   It’s your constraints that determine how much money you can make online and how fast your business will grow.
You need to unlock the full potential of your online efforts cheapest web hosting providers reviews, as what you should be really doing everyday is to grow your online business.
So how do you identify your personal constraints?
My number one constraints at the beginning were Information Overload & Time Management .   cheapest webhosting providers once I learned how to deal with them, I started to make a progress followed by big profits.   Here are just few tips how to transform your online efforts into  a  Money Making Machine...   Click here for cheap webhosts to read more  webhosting companies reviews

On page SEO - Keywords optimization with reliable webhosting

One of the important part of on-page website SEO is keywords optimisation on your page.  Your choice of keywords will be reflected in your website's performace - if keywords used are too broad and have a large competition, it will be more difficult for your website to achieve high ranking with SERP and deliver targeted traffic. An example is usually a best way to explain such concept - if you have a business and a website about website design, choosing the keywords like "software",  “website design”,   “software for website design” or similar,  can make harder to compete and to rank high, and get on the first page of Google.  A preferred method is to use the long tail keywords simillar to “website design tips for beginners", “WordPress website design templates”, “website design free software”  which contain 3 or 4 words reliable webhosting.
Also a short keyword may refer to hundreds different products associated with it so use many variations of these terms.The best way to think about it is to put yourself in the shoes of the person searching for it. If someone is looking for website design company to design his website, he might be looking for “website design companies reviews” or  “cheapest website design companies” or local business in the city he lives by adding city’s name to it. professional webhosting these specific long keywords are easier to rank for, have smaller competition and are more probable to be used in searches.
If you provide a solution to the problem,  use “how to...” sentence with the keyword, people often search using a full sentence starting with “how to” or  "what is"  and it helps if you have it included.
Another helpful keyword tip is to use synonyms in addition to your main keyword,  for example doctor and medical practitioner;  lawyer and attorney;  review, rating, or comparison if you have a website comparing different products professional webhosting.
Reliable webhosting use your keywords in the text on your website page and also as meta keywords which help the search engines to display your website for these searched words.   Click here for reliable webhosts to read more  cheapest webhosting providers reviews tips

Make money online with reliable web hosting companies

To make money on the internet does not require a big investment of labor and capital.  If  you compared it to a traditional brick and mortar business, all it is required is:

-          Blog or website,

-          Product or service to sell,  either  your own product, or an affiliate product,

-          Traffic to get customers to buy:

               SEO on page and off page

               Social media networking tools

               Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Try to pick your niche, it can be something you are passionate about, your hobby or your profession. If you can not thing about any idea, research in Google what people search for recently.  As an example of some of more creative niches  people promote:  how to grow tomatoes, how to breed mice, or write wedding speeches.  Do not spend too much time on it, pick something reasonably interesting and proceed to the next step reliable webhosting.

Pick your product which interests you,  have good sales records and commission, and promote it as an affiliate,  which is easier and helps you to have a quick start. With your own product you need to spent some time to create it, set up support for your customers, and all these can be time consuming. Sign up with ClickBank, Commission Junction, or any other affiliate networks on the internet.

Buy web hosting plan from offers available on this page, from as low as $1.99 pm. All companies reviewed here are professional and reliable web hosting providers and they give good support to their customers.

Reliable webhosting providers reviews set up your website or blog using free website builder included with the web hosting package. View the tutorials first to learn easy step by step how to set it up.  You can always outsource your website design – for few dollars you can use:,, .

Add traffic to get visitors – there are a lot of traffic generating methods:  write free press releases (, write articles and place them in article directories, create a free blog (,, create a video and put it on many video sites (YouTube),  use  to submits your content (video, article, picture) to 50+ sites,  social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and many more.

Keep writing articles, tweeting and getting friends on facebook to spread the news about your product, the more the better for your traffic which means more sales, and more income.

Set up goals and get started, make your first steps.  Do not try to make your website perfect at first, the most important is that you publish it online and start getting customers cheapest web hosting.

So just get started, make your first website and earn your first dollar, just $1 to give you a chance to succeed.

Backlinks will help to improve your ranking with the search engines

A very important part of optimising a website is the link building. Although not the most obvious way to improve your website ranking on search engines,  the valuable backlinks will show results.

 There are millions of websites on the Internet which compete to be “ the main street front shop” to grab most of customers and to make most of  sale.   If you are new and unknown in the business,  the easiest and simplest way to find people to go to your website is to advertise with the search engines, this is however a very costly method. Google and Yahoo are the two most used search engines in the world as people use their searches to find everything.  

Therefore,  to be in the top of any search engine for your keywords is a dream come true which opens the doors to attract customers and sell your products.   Link building is a slow a gradual process  and getting to the first page of Google or Yahoo isn’t simple.  The best way is to naturally gain links from a variety of sites over a period of time.   Search engines run highly intelligent software  and they can punish you by banning your site entirely at the smallest sign that you are trying to cheat.

Find the best quality sites over a reasonable timeframe, you can get great results and improve your  Page Rank.  These good quality backlinks give you the authority of their sites.  If you have got a low Page Rank (PR)  of  1 or 2 and a site with a PR  of 6 or 7 would link to your site, search engines will view this as an authority endorsement and may well reward you with an improved ranking.

It is not easy to get links from other websites as they do not just give them away. Sometimes you can request  or exchange links,  but usually they have to be earned.  The best way attract quality links if by having quality content by writing unique and interesting articles and posting them in article directories, Digg,  Stumbleupon, Twitter and many other directories or social sites
The benefits of placing links on other websites or social sites are to encourage visitors to follow and improved your website’s PR by the search engines.    Building a quality linking structure you will be providing invaluable support to your site and it can make all the difference in attracting visitors.     Click here for cheapest web hosting to read more  professional web hosting providers reviews tips and articles

Is free web hosting better than paid web hosting services

Often some internet users consider  free web hosting options at the beginning as they want to reduce their hosting costs until they start to generate more income. This is understandable however does not fully let you to develop your website and expend your internet business right from the start, and to progress later to a higher level reliable webhosting providers reviews.

I am not going to mention here any of the free webhosting providers,  if you are interested you can find them by searching for keyword like “free websites, or, webhosting providers and services”,  but generally these will be the limitations you will have to accept if you decide to use any of these free webhosting providers:

  1. You will not get much of disc space and bandwidth  usage,  this will not allow for much customer traffic. If you have too many visitors per month, your website will simply be “unavailable” to be seen on the net if you go over the prescribed limits.
  2. Nearly all free web hosting providers will include ads on your site to generate income from  your site – your website is their advertising platform to generate income, after all someone needs to pay for the server usage cheapest web hosting companies.
  3. If you want to use your website to sell affiliate products,  there might be restrictions to do so, or you may have to share the income you made.
  4. They will constantly ask you to upgrade to the paid option and make a lot of other good features unavailable to you with the free web hosting services.  
  5. After you invested some time into building your free website, you will realise that to really expend you need to purchase their paid webhosting services, as without other features you are too limited.
  6. The free webhosting providers can close your website at any time if you do not conform to their conditions, this can be simply for using it to sell products or use affiliate links.  Put it in simple terms,  you do not have control over what you can use your website for.

The free web hosting services are really there to get you in and keep you there until you see a need to progress and will purchase a paid webhosting service from the same company because you already have your website and know their system.

So why not to have a choice in the first place and review what web hosting is available, choose what you think is best for your requirements and have what you paid for.

Best webhosting providers our recommended professional and cheapest webhosting providers start from $1.99 pm, and others go up few dollars more, but still are very reasonable. If you compare the costs,  it is really a cup of coffee or a drink per month that you need to forgo to pay for webhosting fees, but in return have control over your professional and reliable webhosting services.

We all like to get something for free but ask yourself – is it really FREE?  In business everyone needs to make the profit so any free gifts are really marketing tools to attract more business and are incorporated in the cost of sold products.  Do your maths, review your pros and cons and make the right choices in business.   Click here to read more cheapest webhosts on   professional webhosts providers reviews tips

Achieve financial freedom by working from home with reliable webhosting reviews

By helping people to find what they need,  both you and your customers will benefit.   You can help people by providing goods and services,  or to provide information.  You can trade time for money when you work in a job for $100 a day.  You can also trade money – such as the cost of  book, training or college education,  to generate income later,  reliable webhosting which will cover the initial cost.   The way to achieve high income through selling the information is the internet which can reach a lot of people across entire world.
People are paying for information online so you need to search for the best kind of information you can offer.  Think of a large category or subject area of information, than a couple more specific examples  within that category.   Do some research to find out if people are buying that kind of information.  You do not need to create your own product , you can also make money selling other product.  You may join an affiliate programs to sell other people’s information products and make an commission which can be as high as 50% of the sale price (example – ClickBank).  When selecting the information topic – it does not necessarily need to be something that you know a lot about, you do not need to be an expert,   it needs to be of a high quality and value to others.
Buy a hosting package from the list of reliable webhosting providers on home page which start from as low as $1.99 pm,   write a brief sales letter and advertise your products.   You can use pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your website.   To reduce PPC costs chose less popular keywords, write ads that are relevant to search users’ interests.   Reliable webhosting providers reviews also decide on the budget and how much to bid per PPC campaign.
Clickbank’s payments are send by check every two weeks for any products you sell,  other affiliates pay either through PayPal or a direct debit to your bank account.   For your own product set up a payment option on your website using  Google Checkout, PayPal or Clickbank to process sales and receive your payments.
Diversify your products and income streams,  even small amounts from multiple products or websites will add up to a larger total. Set up a goal to achieve a certain amount of money you want to make a day and keep expending your income streams until you achieve it.  When you work out your system and have everything automated,  the work can only take couple of hrs a day working from home.  
A lot of people work hard for money,  are enslaved to their job and bank,  and fail to enjoy life.   You need to realize instead that you can control your financial situation by understanding how money is made and how to use the financial system that had previously controlled you reliable web hosting.
Change your attitude and the way you think about money  from “working for money” to “find opportunities to generate money with minimum time and work”.   Instead of pursuing money,  try to get money to come to you.   The most important factor in your financial success is that people are willing to spend money for things they feel have value.

Video Sharing Websites are the best marketing tools

YouTube is not the only video sharingwebsite on the net,  there are over 300 similar websites and the number continues to grow.  With the technical development and the growing popularity of the internet, the availability of the video capturing on the cell phones, laptops and cameras, presently more and more people take digital videos.
The video will overtake the global consumer traffic and the statistics show that the global online video community will include more than 1 billion users by the end of 2010.
The main reason for this boom is because the production and uploading of online videos is quite affordable,  there is no major investment needed except a little experience of shooting and uploading it.
The internet marketers worldwide use online video as a marketing strategy to advertise their website business and get traffic. cheapest webhosting  Sharing videos online creates a great impact on clients as compared to other marketing tools.
YouTube kept in recent years ahead of everyone else on the net with 43% market share of video industry.   Here is a list of other top most popular websites,  just to mention few for you to check out and use:
Yahoo Video
Daily Motion
Rambler Vision
Your File Host
Metacafe     Click here to read more professional webhosting providers on  reliable webhosting companies reviews

Internet  Marketing is like any other business

Are you trying to develop internet business for a long time without generating enough income from your websites? Are you disappointed with trying to Make Money Online?  Or maybe you suffer from Information Overload and Lack of Focus?   No Plan, no Blueprint, not enough Time?   Do you struggle from all of the above and unable to succeed?

If you are not completely satisfied with the results you are getting from your online efforts,  ask yourself if you are working at your maximum potential.  Your actual success,  measured in the freedom and money which your business  should bring to  you,  is   NOT  determined by your potential or your strengths.   It is determined by your CONSTRAINTS:  the barriers which block your way to the success.   Constraints have negative effect on your firepower in business.

You need to unlock what holds you back and see yourself as a successful internet marketer.

Unless you identify and address your personal and specific business constraints,  any effort to improve your business and generate more income from it will most likely result in failure.

The success of your business is often undermined by the weakest parts, and the overall success will depend on how strong are the weakest parts within it.   To strengthen your business and increase your profit, you need to identify and strengthen the “weakest parts”  in your business.   These are the CONSTRAINTS which hold you back and stop your from making big profits.

If you focus on improving any other parts of your business instead of constraints,  you get opposite results as you become even more frustrated and disappointed as this will not improve overall results.   It’s your constraints that determine how much money you can make online and how fast your business will grow.

You need to unlock the full potential of your online efforts, as what you should be really doing everyday is to grow your online business.

So how do you identify your personal constraints?

My number one constraints at the beginning were Information Overload & Time Management .   Once I learned how to deal with them, I started to make a progress followed by big profits.

Here are just few tips how to transform your online efforts into  a  Money Making Machine:

1.       You need to have a system to identify exactly what constraints have been stopping you from making a success online, and permanently eliminate them from your working day.

2.       Analyse your work up to date and get a clear picture of the things that have been working for you, and the things that have not.

3.       Perform Time/Cost analysis of your business parts and identify activities that have cost you a lot of time and money,  but have brought few positive results.

4.       Eliminate these negative parts as they are obstacles and constraints which hold you back from having a successful business online.

5.       You have two choices to deal with these constraints:  learn more about them and improve your results, or, outsource.

6.       Outsourcing is not as bad as it sounds – research on the internet and you may find that someone else will do it for you for a bargain price.

7.       Information overload leads to a lot of waisted time, you need to focus on the main goal which is to make your internet business profitable.  

8.       Lack of focus will lead to you being overwhelmed with all of the choices of marketing tactics, strategies, products and courses which everyone tries to sell to you.

9.       Time Management and productivity – allocate time for specific  tasks:  reading emails,  updating your social networks like  Twitter,  Squidoo,  Facebook,  blogs,  and any other on regular basis but within a timeframe.

10.   Set your timetable for each project – for example, if you build  a website,  work within a specific schedule to complete it.

You need to treat your work as internet marketer as a business,  in a similar way as any traditional brick & mortar business,  and have a structure and plan in place to follow.   As any other business – if you do not sell, you do not make any money!   After you set a business plan, you will see that your business becomes more successful.  

The ideas and desire to run an internet business need to be supported by your business plan.  Do not try to replicate someone else’s business plan,  implement your own.  Identify resources which you have to put into action and learn new skills or outsource others.

Work  ON  the business and not  IN  the business – the whole idea to go into business is to have more free time and be more successful.   You do not want to swap your present job for another job - your business need to run without you on autopilot.

Be in control over every aspect of your business and the success will follow.   Click here to read more best webhosts  how to find cheapest webhosting providers tips

How to find web hosting plan which is right for you

All websites - personal or business,  need hosting, is not easy however,  to find the best value for money from the large number of webhosts providers on the internet offering a variety of different deals.  To be visible on the internet and for other people to access your website,  you need to buy one of the webhosts plans to host it on the world wide web. The best reliable plans at present start from $1.99 per month - visit WEBHOSTINGPAD to view this offer and review webhosting providers benefits and options.
A number of different factors need to be considered before you build a website and choose a reliable webhosting providers.  The most important feature you need to received from your web hosting providersas is support which you need to access  24/7 every day of the year, and only reputable providers, such as companies listed on this website, will guarantee you the best support.  Additionally,  if this is your first webhosting company, you will have to ask a lot of questions, and you will need a reliable cheap webhost company. All recommended webhosts providers on this website provide professional services and you will get good support within 24 hrs. You can purchase an additional option from your webhost provider for a priority support for a small fee.
All plans reviewed here are verified and checked.  Check that there is a phone support option included, as without a telephone number to contact your reliable webhosting providers, you do not have any other way to communicate.
All top webhosts plans come with 1 Free Domain name,   which could cost you around $10 for 1 year if you chose to buy Domain name separately, this of course depends on its type - ".com" are one of the most popular but not necessarily the most expensive type, sometimes you can find special offers for few dollars per year for others. Shop around and find the best price for your future domain names, however sometimes it is easier to pay a little more and get it through your webhost provider. The reason for this is that if you buy Domain name from someone else, you will need to transfer it to your webhosts and this might be tricky. Until you get more experienced I recommend to chose an easier option and buy everything from your webhosts company.
Website building software  is included with all plans, it gives you hundreds of website templates to choose from in variety of colors and designs suitable for any purpose. The webhosting package also includes tutorials and instructions, they will explain step by step how to set up a website, and experiment with different layouts and possibilities. The best webhost plans also include unlimited email accounts,  depending on your requirements, check first how many are included in the plan you intend to buy.
Backup is very important feature and if not included, it is recommended to purchase this option as an additional item from your webhosting company to have a secure backup.  If you accidentally delete your pages or files, you can lose days of work. Refer to your reliable webhosting company how often the backups are done - preferrably daily instead of weekly.
Keep your website simple and to get good ideas search and review other websites' designs and choose what you like. The colors are very important, to have few bright colours to highlight the headlines and most important items is a good idea, but the rest needs to be plain and easy for eyes to read. The white background is still the most chosen option with a little bit of added colour.  Flash designs and slow-loading graphics which take a long time to load are not recommended.  If your website takes too long to open, people will click back and get out before they even have a chance to see it.  Also the pop-ups annoy the visitors and a lot of them will leave your site.
Use    meta tags and meta tags descriptions, page description and keywords, to describe exactly the contents of your site for search engines to find. Direct your customers to the information they are looking for, if your customers will not find what they came for, they will leave your website within few seconds. The best way is to direct them straight to the item you advertised so that visitors do not have to look for it on many different pages of your website.  
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